Monday, February 23, 2009

Backlog - February 7

In today's backlog of geocaching events past I was in Las Vegas. At the Weekend Before the Super Bowl Pizza Fest Lost Patrol had given me a group of wooden nickels that he has found in different places. Included in that was a small geocoin that wanted to go to Las Vegas. On this trip I hadn't planned to do much geocaching besides maybe a virtual, but now I had to find one big enough to hold this coin. My choice was

A Kiwi Connection - Las Vegas

It was an easy enough cache to find just off the north end of the strip near the Wynn casino. I got around to it early and the weather was clear, by the time I reached the cache though it had started to rain. It rained on my hard as I walked back. I was soaked and could ring water from my jacket. When I got back to my room I had to dry my shoes with the hair dryer. Overall it was a fun weekend and I ended up winning money... which I promptly spent.

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