Monday, November 03, 2008

Permission granted

Soon after asking permission for my Earthcache from the Lakeview BLM it was granted. So that was easy and mostly painless. They were very quick, but it has taken me a few days to get around to actually typing up a cache page to submit. Earthcaches are submitted and approved differently... you submit it right through the earthcache website and if they approve they submit the cache and later you adopt it.

I learned something while writing up the cache page. I'm not a geologist. Sunstones while interesting to find are really pretty boring to explain. I almost fell to sleep just reading about them... and most websites only have a brief description if they bother to put one at all.

Well anyway I submitted it so now its up to the GSA to decide if it meets the standards to be an Earthcache.


Anonymous said...

That's what is so cool about earth caches; everyone learns something new.

Anonymous said...

also, i think earth caches are for students, so there you go. I hope they approve it, though. :) kinda difficult typing description.