Monday, August 25, 2008

Not clowning around

On Saturday DrDan and I went for the only 5/5 cache in the area Just Clowning Around . We were able to drive within .68 miles of the cache. That few tenths of a mile though were more or less straight down the hill. Going down was hard as we had to push our way through the underbrush while we slid down the steep slope. Anyone who has gone caching with me knows that I am not much for going downhill... I'm very cautious and slow, but I got there. We got down to the river and climbed the rock the cache was on. We didn't find much evidence of a cache, after confirming the old location with Tom Fuller I'm sure its gone. We replaced the cache with what we had and started the climb out. This is where the trip got worse for me as my legs were shot and started cramping up. I briefly considered the idea I might have to spend the night on the hill. With a lot of rest and water (thankfully I packed a lot) I was able to slowly work my way up the hill. It took me over twice as long to climb out as it did to come down. I forgot my camera on this trip, but Dan took this really nice picture upstream from the cache.


Rochelle said...
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Dan said...

Will next week end we should hike up for the bridge and swim across this time. It would have work out about the same amount of time LOLOLOL.
Thanks for braving it out and going out caching with DrDan.
Thanks for the great pepper sticks
Way good stuff.

cosmiccowgirl said...

That view is really pretty.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping one day I really can nail a 5/5. Aren't many my way, but I will get one!

A 'lil HooHaa