Sunday, May 06, 2007

Another caching Sunday

Well today was a nice sunny day and I got out and found a few caches that had accumulated in the area. I did these 7 caches before lunch

Cup O' Joe
Vicky's Cache
Healing Waters
Watch It

All of these were of the urban variety, and a couple of unique hides. I tried for GP Trees - California Black Oak but I was stummped so I stopped for a while. A few hours later I decided I wanted 10 for the day... so I found these

GP Trees - Palms in Grants Pass?
GP Trees - Adolescent Giant Sequoia

I returned to try the black oak again, but there were too many muggles in the area. So I had to drive out a bit and find a big fly to complete my 10. Next weekend is the Breakfast with Bears GeoEvent so it should be a good opportunity to find some of the many Medford caches I don't have. Daveydude has been busy and I haven't found many of his 200 plus hides.

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