Monday, February 05, 2007

Blazers, Super Bowl review, and why Charter Cable sucks

Over the weekend I went to another blazer game and they lost 88-86. They are now 1-3 in games I've attended this season. After being behind by 17 points at the half I was just happy they made it a game. Decided just to drive on back and made it home around 3am or so.

In past seasons Charter Cable would show the games broadcast by KGW in Portland, but this season they decided not to pick those up. So I don't get to see nearly as many games. In fact all 6 games I bought tickets for are games I otherwise wouldn't get to see. I tried to call Charter and complain but they don't have an easy. I'd drop their service in a minute if I thought there was anything better.

After driving home at 3am I was a bit tired, and despite it being a nice day I didn't bother to go hide, find, or maintain any caches. I just layed around till the Super Bowl. It was an entertaining game with the rain and all the turnovers. I was never sure what was going to happen. I also enjoy the comercials, but none of them really seemed all that great this year. And Prince as the halftime show? Ummm... not quite my thing. And I seriously doubt that many of the millions of beer drinking, nacho eating guys out there were saying "Yeah, Prince is going to Rock!" Now don't get me wrong... I'm glad they have gone away from the super lame pop productions of the past where the wardrobe malfunctions were 20 times more entertaining then the act. My opinion of the last 3 Super Bowl halftime shows

Paul McCartney = great
Rolling Stones = good in theory
Prince = not so great

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