Sunday, February 19, 2006


Sorry about the lack of updates. I have felt pretty bad the last couple of weeks. I've been pretty good about not getting sick but this one got me. I'll admit I'm a baby when I don't feel good... I even turned down some cache finding today and layed around and slept. I've felt a lot better the last couple of days, but I'm still in recovery mode.

I discovered a new miracle product while I was sick. I've had a pretty nagging cough so I bought some new Zicam Cough Mist in the Cool Cherry flavor and it works... it is litterally so disgusting that everytime I think of the stuff I stop coughing so I can gag a little.

I also learned that I'm going to be an uncle. Not but a few months after my bro's wedding they are expecting (at least they waited till after the wedding I guess.) Anyway I guess I get to play the part of Uncle blazerfan.

Well since I already said I would tomorrow Sally and I should go find a few caches. So maybe I'll update again tomorrow.

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