Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I've been a bad boy and neglecting my blog again. Not all that much to write about the last couple of days... not a lot of geocaching going on... nothing selling on eBay.

More or less I have just been sitting around eagerly awaiting Star Wars Episode 3 (May 19). Sure the last two pretty much sucked... but this one could be different. Despite it all I'll probably go see it in the theater a couple of times. Right now I am pondering asking if I can take time off of work to see it... for Episode 1 I watched the 9:15pm showing... for episode 2 I was unemployeed and could go at 11:45am... that is what time I'd like to go because it will be less crowded, but I might be pushing my luck. I have federal Jury Duty that same week... also I have asked for a Friday off in June for the 3rd Annual Pine Mountain Geo-Star Party. Some people wouldn't think twice about asking for time off, but I am rarely ever gone from work. Maybe I'll go see the midnight showing on the 18/19th I'm usually not that hard core, but this is the last movie as far as I know. Star Wars is in my blood... the first movie I ever saw in the theater was the Return of the Jedi, and I had a ton of Star Wars toys that I should have left in the box and never touched.

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