Monday, August 15, 2005


Well this weekend I managed just two caches. The Friday before I left I was able to grab a FTF on a new DrDan cache. And Yesterday I got a cache that has eluded me twice before.

Top This Cache #5, The last One, Very Berrie
South 97 cache

Like I said I searched for South 97 a couple of times the last being almost exactly a year ago. It was in a place I normally wouldn't want to reach into. My dog was dead set against even approaching the cache site... he didn't like it at all. Now there are places my dog doesn't like... that bridge in Fish Hatchery Park comes to mind, but thats not the same. At this spot he was fighting against his leash to avoid being anywhere near it. Usually I'd take that as a sign to leave... and I probably shouldn't have been reaching my hands in there... but I did and I logged it.

Other caches on my trip were the kind to be reached by water... unless you wanted a long hike. Silly me didn't put enough air in our boat and we had a hard time paddling... that and no sun block and I decided we needed to head back. I re sunburned myself, but not nearly as bad as last time. I would have walked in yesterday but you needed a damn NW forest pass... I bought one for the first time, but I wasn't going to buy another. I hate the idea that you need a pass... that portion they withhold from my paycheck should be enough.

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