Friday, August 19, 2005


Well this waymarking thing has already slowed down. On day one my blog had like 10 finds... day 2 it had one... day three, nothing. We'll see if someone logs it today.

I actually started on my poker table as well. I got the top and bottom plywood cut. Right now I am really second guessing myself on the design... I think I might have to find a solution so I can add the padded rail. I guess first I have to do some other stuff. Today I'll glue on the foam that goes on the playing surface and then I'll cover it with the poker cloth. Once that part is done then I can start thinking about the race track and rail. I also need to go buy some more stuff. Mainly I need wood finish and some spay adhesive. I just hope it looks something like a table when I'm done.

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