Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hurricanes suck

Well as I watch the news today I'm glad I'm not in New Orleans. My boss was just on vacation there and was able to get out in time. He had to convince his mother in law to go with them and then had to listen to her complain all the way to Houston. It was a pretty funny story as far as that part goes... I think I heard him mutter "I should have left her" under his breath. For those who didn't take the warning to leave or couldn't leave it doesn't look to be a good situation.

I'm done with house sitting for a while. Nice to be finished with that. Now I can get to work on my poker table again. Last night I did some pre sanding... mainly to test my new sander... it works nice. Tonight I have some more sanding to do... and then hopefully some cutting will get done. If I can get it cut and glued this week then I can do the finish over the long weekend.

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