Monday, June 20, 2005

Return to normalcy?

Well for the last few weeks there has been peace and quiet in the valley... but today Lazyboy returns... there goes the neighborhood :) hahaha... j/k... really

I should be ashamed letting my blog sit for a whole week without an update... I use to be pretty good at daily updates even when no one read it. Now I have 2 or 3 loyal readers and I've let you down, but I vow to do better... at least for this week :)

To my surprise Saturday someone found my newest cache, Washington Monument Quarry. I figure it will have at least 6 finders in the next 3 years... if it stays around that long. I have a couple more caches planned to hide this summer and none of them will be especially easy. I think the valley needs a few more "harder to reach" caches. I'm not talking a 30 mile drive in the woods... I'm talking a good hike... were you might sweat a little and enjoy a nice view... were you might see a deer or bear or a rare mountain goat... ok probably no mountain goats, but you get the idea. You can get burned out driving from lamp post to lamp post, but how can you ever tire of a nice hike in the woods?

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