Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Draft Day!

Today was the NBA Draft. Early in the day Portland did trade their #3 pick to Utah for the #6, #27 and a 2006 first round pick. At #6 they drafted the player I wanted Martell Webster. Later they traded the #27 and their second round pick to Denver for Jarrett Jack who was taken with the 22nd pick. In the end they ended up with a couple of guards that I think can make an impact on the team.

As for geocaching Two Tracks didn't seem too thrilled that I logged one of his caches without finding the first stage. I considered changing my log to a DNF but considering is as far as I've gotten for now. Personally I'm not a big fan of multi caches or micros in the woods... just personal preference. This one is an 80 mile round trip for me. I'll go have a second look when I get out to the area for the other caches... maybe around the July event depending on what caches Riddlers and BDC want to go after. I tell you what though, the final stage was full of nice trade items.


LazyBoy said...

I have a rule of thumb. If I found a cache I log it. If the owner wants me to delete it they can do that themselves. Of course if they delete my finds they'd better hope they haven't found any of mine cause revenge is more fun than caching.

Funny how geocaching has more rules than ever but some cachers want even more. They invent their own even :)

blazerfan said...

I can see his point of view... the micro is the hard part, and he invisioned it as a hard cache. Finding the second part of the cache was really just an educated guess and a little luck. I might have been upset if my log was delted but it wasn't... and of course I don't often make harsh reactions anyway. Its a nice area... I'll go take a second look... some day.