Monday, June 13, 2005


CCCooperAgency has passed the 10,000 find mark. Lynn travels extensively through New England and accross to Tennessee picking up caches all the way. She also has a whole lot of hides in all of those areas. With the help of other cachers she attempted to hide caches in all 50 states (not sure if she succeeded)... the one in Oregon was hidden by Rooster (and Lazyboy?) and called Beaver State Happy. She had actually written to me about hiding it, but I had skipped over the email because at the time I had many logs from my 5 newest caches, by the time I got to actually reading it I didn't know how to respond... oh well, Rooster was a better choice.

This month the first printed issue of Today's Cacher magazine will come out. It's exciting to see a magazine dedicated to geocaching in print... even if it is just quarterly. To support the magazine I bought 3 extra issues and will probably give them as prizes at the next pizza event.


LazyBoy said...

CCCooperAgency is amazing. She has almost 10 times my totals and I'm burned out already.

LazyBoy said...

I remember back when you used to update you blog almost every week ;)

blazerfan said...

yeah... I've been a lazy bitch lately