Saturday, June 25, 2005

Community Day

It is now 3 days until the NBA Draft.

Well today was community day at the caves so I went up to take a tour. Went with the idea of finding all the new caches in the area and all the First Finders associated... however BIGGIEET_AL had the same idea and beat us to them. After the tour I was getting hungry so we only found 4 caches and called it a day.

A cache in the hand is worth ......
Where's that confounded bridge ?
Hope you got Triple A
Happy trails to you

"Happy trails" is a multi but the first stage was no where to be found, but we did find the final stage by looking around a little :)

"A Cache in hand" is a little over a mile from Boxerlovers' new house and they were beaten to it... sad, very sad. We only drove by the new house, but it looks pretty nice. Honestly the place looked huge... no wonder it has taken so much of their time.

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