Friday, March 11, 2005

Count Down

Well I am now counting down the hour to the blazer game. I bought the tickets before the start of the season when I was optimistic that they might have a winning season. This season injuries have seemed to hurt Portland the most... You read in the paper about how troubled the players are and how its such a big mess. In reality they have had some troubles but the fact that every one of their forwards and centers have spent time on the injured list didn't help. And while I liked coach Cheeks personally, he made some rather questionable choices down the stretch of a lot of close games. Right now the blazers are focusing on their young players since the season is done... I'm hopeful that this extra experience will help them out next season.

I've printed a handful of Geocaches for the trip but I doubt I'll have much time for finding them. There are a lot of new caches around home to find, but they'll have to wait a while. I had hoped to hide one for the event but I haven't had the time. There just aren't enough hours in a day.

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