Thursday, March 24, 2005


My PDA has been shipped. Now I just have to wait. I kind of wish I had it sent overnight now... But I really didn't need to spend that extra money just for shipping... I can wait... impatiently.

Gas prices were up today to $2.21 at Arco which is generally considered the worst gas you can buy... I'm cheap so that's were I go. Its hard to spend a few hundred on a PDA and then say that a couple cents a gallon is going to stop me from geocaching, but the price probably will effect how often I go out.

I also noticed this thread in the forums. Apparently they want to ban geocaching on all state owned cemeteries, historic properties, and archeological sites in South Carolina. I know that SC is far away from Oregon, but once they ban it in one place it is sure to spread to other states and properties.

I was also able to get one cache today. Two Towers by GPCAVEMAN who has just started logging finds and hides under his own user name. This was a pretty good one and the coords were right on. I went to look without my GPS to start and there is just too much area for that kind of search. Now I only need 5 caches for 600.

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