Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Waiting sucks...

It is now 2 days until Star Wars Episode 3

It is now one week until the NBA Draft Lottery

Well here I sit at work just waiting. In about 54 hours and 20 minutes plus previews I will be watching Star Wars Episode 3... the wait is killing me. Its not near as bad as the wait for Episode 1, but its still bad. Much like Episode 1 it can probably never really live up to my expectations.

The NBA Draft Lottery is next Tuesday and for only the second time ever the Blazers will be part of the lottery... this year the Blazers will have a draft pick between 1-8 (but not pick #4). There is no solid #1 player in the draft this year like Tim Duncan or LeBron James. Would still be nice to have one of the top 3 picks. We'll see on Tuesday.


PeanutheadWasHere said...

Let's all pray we don't get a replay of the 1984 NBA draft where the Blazers chose Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan.

The way I heard the story, Bobby Knight, who'd coached Jordan at the 1984 Olympic trials, urged Blazers GM Stu Inman (an old pal) to take Michael. Inman said, "But we need a center." Knight yelled back, "So play him at center!" Inman didn't listen

blazerfan said...

yup... thats what happens when you draft need over talent. Blazers had Clyde and Paxon at SG but only Thompson at Center... had they just won the coin flip we'd have taken Hakeem and had a chance at a title or 6. Had Sabonis came over in 88 we might have won a title or two as well. Hindsight is always 20/20.