Friday, December 24, 2010

Geocache Ratings has introduced a new ratings system. I'm not sure if only premium members can see it. But the idea is that you have so many votes (1 for every 10 cache finds) and you marke caches as your favorite. The more votes they have the better the cache (in theory anyway) so far the top caches in this area:

Rainie Falls
Oregon DeLorme Challenge
Chief Sam's bluff
Safe House
Bigfoot Cache Revisited
Waldo Cemetery Cache
Steps of Stone
Pyramid Rock

While I haven't found the last 2 on the list I think its safe to say that all of these caches are good ones. Now those are on my "to do" list and I otherwise might not have known. I encourage you all to rate some of your favorites. I've gone through and put in votes for about 40 caches and will probably do a few more. I think this could be especially useful when you want a "special" cache to mark a milestone.

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