Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another year down

I think it is safe to say now that I won't be doing any geocaching the rest of the year. I opened my garage door this morning to leave for work and was quite surprised to see snow falling. Unless I want to find night caches in the snow.

So I will end with 221 finds for 2010. By far my worst year ever. It doesn't help that I have had a lack of enthusiasm for the sport. Let alone the whole FDIC takeover thing at work.

I have had a bit of the geocaching bug lately so that might help 2011 be a little bit better. Also now it may be easier to find quality caches for the weekend with the cache favorite system recently put in. If more people will take the time to mark some of their favorites then it will be a good system. That way you could find a cache with a few votes and plan a trip to get it... and get a few others in the area and on the way that maybe don't have votes but you might as well grab. Last year one of my goals was to be more "picky" about the caches I'd seek. What I really ended up doing was not going out to find any. Maybe this will help.

I am a bit dissapointed that my favorite personal hide doesn't have a favorite vote. My top vote getters are Mt. Ashland Outcropping which is a cache Sally and I hid. I adopted it from her, but the outcropping was a place I picked out to hide a cache. Tied with it is Roxy the oldest cache in Southern Oregon which I also adopted. Roxy had a dificulty and terrain of 1-1.5 when I went to find it. I thought that was a little low so I adopted it and changed it.

Look for my final 2010 write up on Friday.

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