Monday, June 29, 2009

What! me geocaching?

Friday night I got a call from Daveydude. I think he had called everyone else and was desperate for someone to go with him. Reluctantly I agreed to go geocaching the next morning at 7am!!!

So the next morning I got my lazy ass out of bed went down to McD's for a sausage egg biscuit... with cheese. Just something to sit in my gut a while and remind me why I sleep in on Saturdays. They are oh so tasty though. So I met up with Dave and we took his new geo-rig up Spencer creek.

There are a few new caches out there and only one of the old... boxerlover's Tie One On. Dave posted a DNF and the Boxer's archived it. It is probably there someplace, but it is very overgrown. I got a pretty good cut across my shin pushing my way through the brush and downed trees on the old road. We also made a mistake of splitting up... I took the old road and Dave cut up the hill. Then I heard him yell something I thought sounded like "I found it" so I sat around and waited... after waiting a while I thought he might have cut through the woods back to the car so I went back and he wasn't there... so I went back down the old road and started yelling for him. Eventually he yelled back and I learned he had been searching that whole time and hadn't found it. By that time we were both beat up and needed to look for easier caches.

We found 6 on the day... mostly easy enough

Mossy Waterfall
Hounds Rockpile
Nice park job honey.
Yo Adriene.
Wind in the trees

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