Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Backlog - June 7

For this backlog we go all the way back to June 7th. My Dad was off on a fishing trip so my Mom and Sister hatched this idea of going to Reno. I decided to tag along... when do I ever pass up an opportunity to visit casinos?

On the way there I found a few caches including #1800

Shasta Vista
Big Sign 89
Goat Fire
Don't Bug Me
Welcome to Nevada (or California)
Cinema Nevada

The last cache on the list was a puzzle that I found on accident.

This was my second trip to Reno. As an older and more experienced gambler it was a totally different experience then the last trip. Last time I was there the machines dropped coin, but all I saw this time were new modern machines that took bills. That was disapointing.

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