Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An interesting event

This Friday I am off to Las Vegas again. I decided not to pursue any geocaching adventures this time, but I'll take my GPS and maybe find a cache or two if I feel like it.

One cache I did notice was this event

WWFM V (Las Vegas)- Pirate's Booty

It is a flash mob event... the idea is to hang out and look like an average tourist and then all at once come together in a big group. I've never seen such a thing, but it is popular in some areas. Since I will be in town I'll probably try to attend. Depends on if I can wake up that early.

There are several caches along the strip. The main cache I have yet to get is the Welcome to Las Vegas sign virtual... there is also a regular cache there now... two caches in one stop. We are always either in a hurry going in or too tired on the way out to stop. If I went there with other geocachers it would be different. Maybe someone at the event will take the time to go with me.

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