Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Backlog - March 28

I'm not sure why I can't seem to remember to do same day blogs anymore. Oh well the events in this blog happened on March 28 which was the day of the big pizza event Arthur's Round Table. Our Southern Oregon events are getting larger. We completley filled the back room much like we did at Tubby's the month before. Perhaps as the weather gets nicer we will have a couple of events outside in a park somewhere. I probably won't do another back yard BBQ event this year... just too many people for my yard and deck to handle.

Just before the event I pulled up on a crew finding Pizza Power which I promptly took from them and signed.

After the event Kelly showed us some of his new caches and I found a couple more with GlenMart. These included

Pucker up!!
Where Is Ashley?

After finding those I decided to go over to the library and find

Free Wifi 2
Oregon Reads -- Medford area

Free Wifi 2 is an old Lazyboy cache from the days before his break from caching. I'm not sure why I hadn't found it yet. Very easy. The Oregon Reads cache is a very odd one. They put out a series of these in Jackson county as events since they were suppose to be temporary. Now they are regular caches, but the coords of this one were off by nearly a tenth of a mile. Since most libraries in the county already have a cache nearby I think they might have spoofed the coords to get them approved. That is just a guess because the coords were just not close.

I finished the day by finding a couple in the parking lot of the rogue valley mall


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