Sunday, March 30, 2008

How I love this Spring time weather!

Today was a unique experience because I witnessed a rare weather phenomenon. It was bright and sunny... and snowing. How on earth can the sun shine while its snowing? Oh my how funny the weather can be in early Spring.

Well my Uncle talked me into going caching today and I ended up with 32 finds, and just one no find. We were stumped by Double Stump but otherwise had good luck. I found an intact Grants Pass Coca-Cola bottle near one cache... that pretty much made my day. I also reached the 1400 finds mark. Here were the finds on the day:

Start on Colonial Valley
Tiny Waterfall
Pretty Little Walk
No Hunting
Seen Better Days
Equine Footwear
Colonial Golf
Numbers Builder
Tree Wart
Nasty Nano
Bank on It or Vice Versa
Rock !!!!!!!
Old Post
Arf, Arf
I'm Blue
Little Fir
Cedar and Fir
Giant Ponderosa
Jumpin Off With Joe
Pastor ized
Sign to Assemble
Grape Patch
Freeway View
Drie Dennen
Four or More

Here is a picture of my coke bottle, and one of Duck and Iseeks looking at Duck's new PDA

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tonka_boy said...

Congratulations on 1400, and the score on the Coke bottle. You could claim the CITO too for that. A Great day!

The Northwoods Geocats