Wednesday, March 12, 2008

9 Minute Mile

This is off topic of geocaching, but then again I don't post as much ever since I decided to keep the topic on geocaching. So you'll probably see a few more odd blogs tossed in this year.

Anyway yesterday somehow the topic of jogging came up. My boss asks me is I thought I could jog a mile... so I said "yeah I think I can". Well that led him to bet me that I couldn't. So he set a time limit of 9 minutes. I can run, walk, jog whatever but I have to complete 4 laps at the GPHS track in 9 minutes. Its one of the more interesting bets I've ever made. Back in my High School Track and Cross Country days I could have done it without thinking. But that was 12 years and 50 pounds ago. So I'll be attempting this tomorrow... I'll let everyone know how it goes if I live through it.

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tonka_boy said...

Well, how did it go? We are all waiting to hear the news.