Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This Thursday will begin the 2013 NCAA Wrestling championships. Oregon State will be in attendance as the Pac 12 champions. Otherwise I don't know very much about wrestling to be honest. I've never really watched it. It was a High School sport, but never one I considered participating in.

So why do I care?

First because Oregon State has a wrestling team and UofO doesn't (they dropped wrestling to add baseball because they were jealous of our back to back national championships) It would be too funny to pick up a national championship in wrestling now (I think we're 9th ranked)

Second because Wrestling was eliminated from the 2020 Olympic Games. I mean while I didn't watch or follow it much I certainly did more then other sports kept like Modern Pentathlon and Rhythm Gymnastics. I know that eliminating those sports would make others unhappy, but wrestling is one of the oldest. Something like it was certainly part of the original Olympic games in Greece and it has been a part of every modern Olympic games since they started in 1896.

I want to believe the Olympics are more then just TV ratings and politics. I want to believe that tradition can play a part. That a sport were poor and wealthy nations are on an equal footing can still exist.

So I'm trying to pay attention... at least for the weekend.

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