Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grants Pass Food Carts

I've blogged before about food carts and other restaurants in downtown Grants Pass, but I haven't updated it for a while. So Grants Pass has grown from one Vietnamese food cart to having that plus a sandwich cart and 2 hot dog vendors. I've also seen a cart called "Taste of Alaska" but never at lunch time.

The sandwich cart called "Wowzers" is pretty good. I haven't seen him around for lunchtime lately. Next time I see him I'll take a picture.

The first hot dog cart I saw is owned by Mike Machado. Very friendly and you can get a hotdog chips and soda for $4. I'll have to go snap a pic for the blog soon.

Today I stopped at the cart called Big Fat Wieners. It lives up to the name serving giant hotdogs for $3. I got the Memphis Pulled Pork dog which is a giant hotdog topped with pulled pork home made BBQ sauce and coleslaw. Honestly while it was pretty good... it was too messy for me to eat while walking back to work. Next time I'll just get a regular hotdog. The provocative name might turn off a few... it shouldn't. Try it out.

The Grants Pass city council met to discuss new codes for mobile food vendors. It looks like they will be kept off 6th and 7th streets, but that hasn't really been decided. I would hope that they have looked over other cities policies on food carts.



Timothy Mayer said...

Yum. Sounds good.

Steven Masone said...

"Taste of Alaska" is great...they are now permanently parked at 6th & K. see my review: