Sunday, June 24, 2012

More on food carts

Here is another news story on our local food cart.

For those too lazy to click the link, someone tossed a home-made bomb into their garage. Luckily it didn't do any damage. The best part being that when he called the Sheriff they didn't have anyone to send out. They also say that many people have been harassing them.

So a little background on this. Right now in Grants Pass you can operate a food cart with permit on the street. You pull into a parking spot and sell right from there. He just has to follow city laws and not stay parked in any one spot more then 2 hours. This makes people angry because he could potentially park in front of any business. They don't pay property tax and other overhead costs. Some think that because of this he can undercut other restaurants prices.

I do think it would be better if he had a more permanent place to park. Maybe someplace like the farmers market parking lot could allow food carts on weekdays by permit. I would love to see more carts in town and a bigger variety of food. Maybe its time to dust off the old writing desk and pen a letter to the editor. I don't really want to attend any city council meeting and argue with weirdos, but if you don't the more vocal will get their way.

As for Sàigòn Xích lô I'm still a fan. They are very nice people, and the food is good. If you haven't tried it go show them some support. While you're downtown walk around and check out some local businesses.

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