Friday, January 22, 2010

March of Dimes time

Time to raise money for 2010. A lot of you donated last year and my team raised over $6000.

You might be asking what the money goes towards. A good portion goes into research. Some of it goes into programs to educate new mothers in ways to improve their odds of having full term pregnacies. And some is used to help support families whose newborns are in intensive care. When my cousin had her son someone from the March of Dimes visited every day.

Normally I don't bring politics into my blog, but I think this is an oppropriate time. There is a growing trend to "let the government deal with it." Letting politicians handle more and more issues with our tax dollars is not a good solution. I believe there are some things that the government just should not have a hand in. If we step up when we can and take care of our own we eliminate the need for the government, and their inefficiency, to step in.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for etting the word out. I stubbled onto you blog and think what you are doing is great. I am the New march of Dimes Community Director in Southern Oregon. I would love to chat wih you. Please shhot me an e-mail at

Also, please join us at the Grants Pass March for babies Kick Off February 23, at 7:30 AM Spring Meadows Retirement Community.

Anonymous said...

oops! Thank you for GETTING the word out...I STUMBLED onto your blog... I should edit before I hit send :o) so, please SHOOT me an e-mail I would love to chat WITH you :o)