Saturday, October 03, 2009

Another challenge complete

So I went and found a few caches today

one more
Z Trail
Very Near By

The first 4 were all in Cathedral Hills. There are a ton more there for me to find, but I went with my sister and her little dog and didn't want to drag them over every trail. I'll probably make multiple trips to get the rest. Teel is near where my parents live and is actually in the exact spot my sister had a cache hidden before. I decided to grab Very Near By later in the day so that I could complete the ABC Challenge. To complete this challenge you need to have found a cache whose name begins with each letter of the alphabet. V was my last letter. There are lots of caches around and I could have completed it a long time ago, but I was taking my time. Now I just need to get up to Albany to log the final. I have tickets for an OSU game Oct 31 so I'll probably be able to grab it then, but I might make it up there sooner.

Speaking of challenge caches I need to get over to Bend and log CCIO someday. I probably hold some sort of record for the longest time between completion and logging of a challenge cache.

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