Friday, February 20, 2009

Backlog - February 14-15

I have been neglecting my blog again... I've been sick with the flu the last couple of days so I haven't even thought much about geocaching. Since I am back to work and almost feeling better I thought I'd start with a backlog of caches from the weekend of the 14th.

So the weekend was the Go Coastal-Wintertime Fun-1 # 3 event. This event is one of the biggest in the state and they have a lot of sponsor give aways. We take up a large portion of a Chinese buffet restaurant. I had planned to maybe take off Friday and go with Duck and Kelly to spend a couple extra days over there searching for caches. I had a hard time getting the day off work so I decided not to go. Later I got a call from Daveydude he wanted to go over Saturday and stay till Sunday and that worked out well.

Dave and I cleaned up the area before and after the event. The event its self was a lot of fun... good food and good people.

The weather was so nice that Daveydude and I walked all over town picking up all sorts of caches... just an hour or so later it unleashed a big rainstorm. Otherwise it was sunny most of the weekend. These were my finds before the event.

Cache Across America - Oregon
Rock My World!
in the middle
summer wild flowers
Our Dearly Departed
Captanrdr's Grassy Knoll
Drive-in Theater Myrtle Lane
Does Any Body Really Know What Time It Is?
one nation under God
Jade's Rescue Me
Dancin' for Cache
Courtesy Cache

These were the finds after the event

Lab Cache
Ariolimax Columbianus
Stumped at the park
Another Bay Area Welcome
Poisson's Inspiration
Hey Myrtle!
Marshfield Softball
Is It an Ash or Is It an Oak?
What a tub of a tug
One Watershed, Many Needs
Bad Duck's Evil Cache #1
Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial
E.T., Your Mama Wants You
Defending Hog Heaven
Even the View is a Winner!

And on Sunday we found these caches

Don't 'B' nervous
Mutt and Jeff
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Captanrdr's "Daveydude Special"
In the Woods at Empire Lakes
Pick Me! Pick Me!
'The World Is Our Playing Field'
Play Time
Red Dyke
Guard The Post Libby
river bend

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