Saturday, October 04, 2008

Another Las Vegas Adventure

This week was my latest jaunt to the land of bright lights and money sucking casinos. I was in Las Vegas Monday through Friday for the WIB Technology Summit. The conference actually started on Wednesday so that left me all day Tuesday to cache. However like clockwork everything at the bank began to go haywire and I was on the phone nearly non-stop the first 3 days.

Before I left I inquired on the Nevada Geocaching website for anyone interested in going with me and I found a lot of people. Our group ended up being vegaschick, AHOLLYS, chidyfam, and sappire34. We found a number of caches despite the constant interuption of my phone. These were the finds for the day

Absolutely Starbucks
On My Way Home
Bison 4
Hi! I'm Johnny Cache...
Go behind the wagon
A Piece of the Tropics
Bullet # 4
The Poet's Cache...Out of the Knight
City View
Bison 5
The Las Vegas Travel Bug Hostel
The Argument
Coin Swap Shop
Got Balls
Mountain View
That's How We Roll

Here is a pic of the caching crew. Thanks for the tour

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