Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunday of Geocaching

On Sunday I got away from work for a bit of geocaching with Iseek and Daveydude. We headed toward Cave Junction with a few caches in mind and we found all but one, Firehouse Tour. You needed 6 caches to find this one... each contained a part of the coords, but someone had replaced the logbook of the second cache and not written in the coords needed. We attempted to guess and finally asked for help from Uncle Duck... the area he mentioned fit the rest of the coords perfectly (and was later confirmed correct) but we never found the cache. Didn't log a DNF as of yet because we were unsure of the coords. Beyond that I ended with 21 finds on the day and had a good time caching with friends. These were the finds for the day

Barracks 146
Cave Junction History Lesson #1
Where'd J'rome?
Rocky View
Not the Dump #1
Not the Dump #2
Not the Dump #3
Not the Dump #4
Not the Dump #5
Not the Dump #6
Not the Dump #7
Not the Dump #8
Firehouse Station Two
Firehouse Station Three
Firehouse Station Four
Firehouse Station Five
Firehouse Station Six

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