Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I-5 caches

Over the weekend I went up to Portland to watch the blazers lose again. They are 1-2 in games I've attended this season. I use to remember every game I went to and could tell you how many they won or lost, but I've lost track over the years mainly because I've seen them play Sacramento so many times that I can't remember which game was which. My goal is to eventually see the blazers play every NBA team. So far of the 29 other teams I've seen 14.

On the way back I picked up 2 I-5 caches

I-5 Duck-In Cache South

The last one was a rare FTF for me. It just happens to be a SallyC cache she hid after coming down I-5 the weekend before and it was still unfound. Then I see today that I just beat Cheminer Will to it.

Later in the afternoon I went to a poker game and won $41 since I've lost the last couple of times it was nice to walk out with some money.

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