Sunday, November 06, 2005

Paul McCartney Rocks!

Well we got to see Sir Paul on Friday and he's still got it. For a guy that is 63 years old he still has a lot of energy... he probably sang for 2 hours and then came out for 2 encores. He mostly sang Beatles songs with a good mix of his solo stuff... And spectacular canon fire and flames for the "Live and Let Die" performance. It was great... better than I could have expected.

Yesterday we went to the Blazers game. I won tickets to the event that I was suppose to pick up at the box office... so I went to pick them up and there were no tickets waiting! They asked who I had talked to and of course I didn't remember the name and didn't have the paper (Shouldn't have needed it.) I was a little peeved (I'm probably too nice to complain as much as I should, but I plan to give them a call and let them know what I think.) Lucky for us the blazers suck this year and we could pretty much pick up tickets in any section. So I bought tickets in one of my favorite sections, and it was fun. The game ended with a last second free throw for the win.

Despite the rain we also found 5 caches
Chin Up
Tool Time
Auburn Park
Summer Home

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