Sunday, October 23, 2005

Blazer game

went and saw the Blazers yesterday as we picked up free tickets for the game. It was just a pre-season game so it doesn't matter but the blazers pretty much sucked it up. It was still fun and I got a chance to do something I never dreamed of before... when walking around the Rose Garden looking for something to eat this guy come up to me and says "hey Oregon State" refering to my t-shirt... then he asked if I'd like to participate in a contest on the court just after the first quarter... so I got to go out on the court and ride a tricycle around a couple of times (I came in second to my friend Dave who was also picked because he was there) It was a blast... and despite how well we did in the race we all won the same prize, tickets to a future game. I have to call some lady and get my seats so I don't know when I'll go yet.

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