Sunday, July 10, 2005

Great day

Early yesterday we took off for a newer cache in the area by Seahorse, FrogFish and Becky called Waters Creek Trail - Extended.

Also yesterday was my latest event Jeeps, Coffee, and WiFi. It was a great time Riddlers, Iseek & Eyeseek2 (and son), Two Tracks, GeoLady, Biggieet_al, GPCaveman, and Kev911er were all in attendance. I even won a jeep that I quickly passed to Kevin... I'll see if I can get it back from his newest cache (very unlikely as these things are highly sought after)

During the event Geolady and Riddlers were discussing some caches to go find and many of them were on my "rainy day" list. Since the weather was fitting I kindly asked if I could tag along with them in Riddlers' new Geo-Truck. I didn't have my GPS with me but they'd point me in the direction and I was able to find a few of them... proving that despite my slow down in cache finds I still have some geo-senses left. On the day we found 9

"Lil Ole Me"

Silly Me
"Is Biplor Bad" ??
"Not Careful Enough"
its all about the water
"Beary Girly"
Look at the Bright Side
"Samuel Ralph"

I took quite a few pictures but most turned out pretty fuzzy. I guess I have a lot to learn about my camera.

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