Monday, April 25, 2005


My geocoin is now selling for $15. Wish I was the one making the profit. Since they have the geocaching logo on them I had to promise never to sell them. I wonder if that includes letting a few go at cost?

Speaking of profit I luckily got my tickets for Paul McCartney. They went on sale to the public at 10am on Saturday and were on sale about 4 hours on Friday to those who had a special password. I bought my tickets at 10:12 or so and the best tickets available were way up in the 300 sections. It was soon sold out and I notice a lot of tickets are already on eBay. It seems to be perfectly legal to buy and scalp tickets on eBay. I wonder why all those scalpers outside of the Rose Garden all the time don't take this legal route... if there was wireless internet outside of the arena you could simply send people to your auctions with the "buy it now" option and sell your tickets perfectly legal (maybe.)

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