Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Stop or I'll Shoot!

Yesterday I got another trade in the mail... a famous joefrog marshmallow gun :) and an AGA geocoin. I shot a lot of marshmallows around the house and I've never had so much fun. Too bad my dog doesn't like marshmallows... I would have liked it if he cleaned up. Sadly I was being lazy for a week or more and didn't mail a coin to joefrog until yesterday.

As much as I like to trade I am bad at keeping track of them. Or at least I think I am... I just hope I don't owe anybody anything. In a previous log I mentioned that I once made a trade and never received a wooden nickel in return... so today I emailed the user and I'll see what happened. I hope they weren't lost in the mail. When I traded nickels with WeeElvis he sent me 3 nickels in a plain envelope and I received 2 nickels in 5/6 of an envelope. I don't know how the other 2 stayed in.

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