Wednesday, September 21, 2005

In the news

Its always fun to read things that happened in Oregon in the national news. This time it was 2 middle school girls in Klamath Falls charged with attempted murder after putting rat poison in another students milk. I'd say the world was going to hell, but then again when I was in the 6th grade a few kids improvised an explosive device in an attempt to blow up the classroom of a teacher they didn't like. Boy do I miss school days.

All of my new caches have now been visited. I forgot to put a pencil in one and Iseek had to log it with a piece of bark... oops, but I did have a warning note on the page. Sometimes the simple things slip my mind. I'd like to hide a couple more before the end of the nice weather.

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LazyBoy said...

The one thing you can count on is that a cacher closing in on 2000 finds is going to go caching well prepared. How many of us lessor cachers would think to bring a piece of bark along in case a cache was missing a pencil???